IRON MAN 3 : HUD + GFX Process reel

The guys at Cantina Creative have been busy! Here's a process montage of the HUDs from Iron Man 3, which gives you a closer look into the detail of the designs as well as an insider's look of how they were developed.

There were a lot of new things featured in this latest installment of the Iron Man series. For example, it was really interesting to see the scene featuring the external HUD as I had previously wondered how the Iron Man HUD would actually appear beneath the helmet so this was a unique glimpse of what's happening under the hood.

The introduction of the shelf device within the HUD design of the main suit was cool too, as it served like a stage for all the signals and information to play out on and created a sort of anchor or reference point for all the other graphics.

Of course I also love the customisation of the different HUDs for each of the different model suits. That would have been a hell of a lot of fun to design! The curved lines in the MK33 Silver Centurion suit was a stand out for me, it was very different to previous Iron Man HUDs that we've seen.

So are you sick of Robert Downey Jr's face yet?

Check out the Iron Man 3 HUD + GFX process reel
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