007 Skyfall UI - Sony Mouse & Cat spot

Here's a short spot that features a partnership between Sony and the new Bond flick Skyfall. It's an example where the UI is prominently front and centre and used specifically as a storytelling device. This means it features a lot of great UI, like the  tracking and scanning devices we see here, all in a style that you'd expect in a Bond film! The facial reconstruction sequences are particularly nice!

The guys who worked on it were none other than the super talented GMUNK and Joseph Chan, who were also part of the team behind the TRON Legacy UI, along with Navarro Parker. Make sure you head over to GMUNK's site to check out some great behind the scenes breakdowns and an explanation of how the team approached the designing of the UI.

Watch the Sony's Mouse & Cat spotCheck out the project breakdown on GMUNK's site

SONY Mouse&Cat GFX Credit list

Production Company: The Moving Picture Company
MPC Creative Director: Paul O'Shea
MPC Producer: Megan Kennedy
GFX Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Graphic Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz
Graphic Designer: Joseph Chan
Lead Graphics Animator: Navarro Parker
Graphics Animator: Joseph Chan