Showcase 4 - Sports HUDs

It seems when it comes to sport, the more information you have on your performance, the better chance you have for improvement. There's already a lot of applications out there that track your activities, like Nike+ and EpicMix.

For more visual, real-time data in sports like Snowboarding and Wingsuit Flying where you can't afford to look away, people have gravitated towards using heads-up displays.

In Showcase 4 we’ve collected examples of how designers have attempted to collate this data in the form of sports HUDs.

The Oakley Airwave HUD Goggles are developed by Recon Instruments, aimed primarily at snow sports. It features a small screen embedded in the googles that's controlled by a wrist remote. It displays information about speed, jump analytics, music controls and a cool buddy tracker system.

The Recon Instruments Flight HUD is similar to the example above but created specifically for Wingsuit Flying.

The Sportiiis Audio/Visual Performance Coach is an attachment for glasses that uses small coloured lights to display the intensity of your activity. Aimed at cycling and running.

Check out the Oakley Airwave HUD Goggles
Check out the Recon Instruments Flight HUD
Check out the Sportiiis Audio/Visual Performance Coach