Ghost Recon Future Soldier

I recently stumbled across the work of Asylum Visual Effects, known for their stunning effects on films and commercials such as Terminator Salvation, Curious Case of Benjamin, and the recent Call of Duty Black Ops spot. Who, I have just recently heard, are unfortunately shutting their doors.

Found amongst their stellar body of work, was this little gem that incorporates slick military HUDs and future GUIs into a cinematic live action trailer, which feels more like a short film.

In this action packed promo for Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon, we see an array of reticles, HUDs and screen graphics which helps set up the story in the not too distant future. The trailer sets out to really hero the technology and the role of the soldiers seems almost secondary, like a carrier or host for the technology.

Every display has an added level of intelligence, where every scene is continuously analysed and crucial information is delivered to the soldiers, making their job a lot easier. It’s presents a new breed of soldier that works seamlessly with technology to harnesses it’s potential and improve their efficiency.

Interestingly the trailer apparently showcases weapons and advanced technology that are based on real-world military prototypes that are in research and development today. How scary.

Watch the trailer
Check out the ‘making of’