Showcase 1 – Gestural interaction in commercials

This is the first of our 'Showcase' posts. Each edition will showcase a handful of references relating to a particular area of interface design inspiration.

This Showcase features examples of gestural interaction in commercials. Most of these references are not interfaces as such, but explores the manipulation of graphics in a physical space. These examples demonstrate a much more fluid way of interacting with graphical elements than most standard button interfaces.

Some highlights to look out for is the water sequence in the HP Hands clip, and the pulling of the stars in the Giunness clip. A really beautiful use of everyday motions to manipulate graphics.

Watch HP Hands 'Paulo Coelho' by Motion Theory
Watch Budweiser Select 'Just a Game' by Motion Theory
Watch Giunness 'Spoken Word' by Shilo
Watch HP 'Maestro' by Psyop
Watch HP 'Kevin Garnett All-Arounder'
by Psyop