Iron Man HUD part 3 - Behind the scenes

Here is an absolute gold mine of the coolest and most visually stimulating collection of interface design tests and process work from Iron Man 2. This is a real treat, thanks to the incredibly talented guys at Prologue.

It's amazing to see how much work went into the development of the designs. There's far too many gems in there for me to mention individually, but I must say how incredible it is to develop so many wonderfully distinct ideas and then to be able to tie everything together into one coherent design style. The result is something truly brilliant.

What more can I say? I'm speechless, enjoy!

Watch the Iron Man 2 process montage

Watch the 'boot up' clip

Watch the 'periodic table' clip

Watch the 'RT experiments' clip

Watch the 'hall of armor' clip

Watch the 'expo study' clip

Watch the 'molecule discovery' clip

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