UI design of The Island

Made in 2005, The Island features some interesting UI concepts, some of which have been realised today.

One of these is the touch screen table top that's controlled by a glass prism. Unlike regular touch screens that work with skin contact and multitouch, this one only allows the user holding the prism to control the interface. This was perhaps more to emphasise the balance of power between the two characters rather than a usability choice. This technology exists today but it's less used as a control device but more for object recognition. (see Lonely Planet proof-of-concept)

Another one to note is the virtual game environment which is littered with conveniently placed Xbox logos, and is very similar to what we have now with the Xbox Kinect.

Interesting that these ideas no longer seem far fetched and in fact now looks almost dated.

An oldie but a goodie.

Check out The Island clip