Instrument UX Reel

We don't usually post showreels here, but here's one that focuses purely on UX projects! It's from Instrument, the guys behind the Nike IdNation spot. I'm excited to know that there are studios out there who have enough work and put enough emphasis in UX design to warrant a reel dedicated to it!

On top of that, the work is excellent. There's more than enough inspiration in this reel to justify a post. In the video you will see polished examples of infographics and interfaces in a variety of styles.

The thing that excited me most was the little details in the animations, whether it be in the wobbly inertia in the music app, or the menu items that animate in and out. These little touches are often what brings an interface to life and gives them character. It's impressive how well Instrument do this and how they manage to make their interfaces look so fun to interact with.

Check out Instrument's UX Reel