Archetype - Robot HUDs and GUIs

I recently stumbled across Archetype, a sci-fi short film by VFX veteran Aaron Sims, who's credits include Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Green Lantern.

It's a fantastic looking short that follows the story of a robot who starts having memories of once being human, and appears to be set in the distant future.

There's a real gritty and harsh look to the film that feels like a cross between District 9 and the Halo Live action trailer, and it translates nicely through the HUD and UI designs. I particularly like the robot HUDs, which have a really cool lo-fi military style, but still feels slightly modern and graphic.

The great news is that it seems the short has captured the attention of Hollywood and is being made into a feature. So definitely check it out! Can't wait to see the full feature!

Watch Archetype
Read more about the film here, includes a 'making of'