The Matrix Reloaded - UI Design

The Matrix Reloaded explores some interfaces that exist outside the Matrix. They are only short scenes but I think it's worth posting because the design style of the UI is so unique.

The video attached features the UI from the control room to Zion and small clips showing some holograms. But the emphasis is really on the bold design of the control room interface. Firstly it's completely greyscale, which is rarely seen. Secondly it's so minimal, like architectural blueprints or mechanical drawings. So visually it was very interesting to see.

The strange thing about the interface was, that unlike a keyboard, the buttons that the operator pressed were unlabeled, except for some symbols or boxes. Which for some reason made me think of games like Tetris or Bejeweled, which relies on shape, colour and pattern recognition to make accurate split second decisions. Is this a more efficient system for trained operators than clunky labelled buttons? Is it like in Photoshop when you work only in shortcuts and negate the interface entirely? These are the type of things I love about Interface Design, it's such a huge topic to explore and one that's continually evolving.

I hope you get as much out of it as me.

Check out the UI Design in The Matrix Reloaded