Oblivion - Interface Design

You guys are in for a treat! GMUNK has generously compiled a montage of all the awesome UI elements from Oblivion! We've also got a link to a featurette with director Joseph Kosinski, GMUNK and DLEW talking about the design in the film.

The things I love about the UI design in Oblivion…

The consistent design language I love how GMUNK explains the use of a dot grid to hang all the design elements on. It really helped create a neat, consistent, structured system throughout the film's UI. I also love the overall style/language of the UI, created by the type, icons, colour palette and use of thin details. It feels modern and minimalist, and really appealing to use, I would love to just play around on the light table or look through the gun scope!

The style The look of the UI was futuristic but believable. It looks like a system that's been refined and evolved over the years from what we're familiar with today. So I don't think we're really meant to be able to comprehend all the screens but be able to recognise some elements from them. The team have created an interface that has a really good balance of something that feels familiar but also a bit alien.

The road rogue signal (5:48 in featurette) This stood out for me whilst watching the film. It was probably one of the braver design elements in the film and hats off to Joseph Kosinski for allowing the artists to do their thing. I really love it when I see new ways of visualizing data, and this was one of those times. It looks so graphic, it was less technical than the rest of the UI and it had a lot of character.

Oblivion was one of those films where I couldn't wait to see more shots of the UI. It's such a pleasure to see guys like GMUNK, DLEW, Jake Sargeant/MN8 and all the other great designers not involved in Oblivion pushing this niche field of designing HUDs and GUIs! That is why this site was made, so pumped!

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