Dr Easy - machine vision

password: cantor

This is an unusual clip, it's a faux research clip from 'Monad Life Science', and it's part of the marketing campaign for Shynola's film Dr Easy. I love this kind of extra content, it's a nice way of providing a back story and builds on the world of the film, making it more believable. Prometheus did this previously with their Weyland Industries investor site and David 8 product video and who could forget ‪Peter Weyland's 2023 TED Talk‬.

What's interesting here is that the designs aren't meant to be finessed and user friendly, but instead low fi, un-polished and believable. As far as I can tell, the film is set in a time where artificial intelligence and robots are still a relatively new development. So what you see here is examples of tracking data and raw looking machine vision. The goal here is to not make anything look too far fetched.

When people design programs it's focus is purely functional, markers, symbols and indicators are there to help with developing the program and not for aesthetics. So here, the design is almost backwards, in that it's trying to mimic the visuals that you'd see built into a program at its most basic functional level.

I love the look of the motion vectors and the tracking dots, it reminds me of the hair dynamics in 3D programs and Kinect software development kits.

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