Showcase 5 - Retro car dashboards

Here is a Pinterest board we've compiled of our favourite retro car dashboards, all images sourced from Dark Roasted Blend and DoubleYou Digital. This collection is all thanks to these sources, we can't take any credit!

Nowadays, when it comes to dashboards and steering wheels, it seems like most designs have settled into a common mold. This could be due to the safety standards we have in place now, amongst a lot of other contributing factors. Perhaps owning a car during this time was a much bigger deal than it is now too. That could explain why retro car dashboards are so interesting and why the designs are so uninhibited and exciting. Regardless of the reason, it feels like dashboards of the 70's and 80's have a lot more flash and flare than cars of today.

The most interesting thing about reviewing retro car dashboards is that all examples have the same goal, but they have been approached in so many different ways. In doing so it's a reminder that interfaces and design challenges in general can have many right answers.

I have to say I'm a big fan of the multicoloured dashboards, glowing displays, and the fascination with curved or angled shapes during this era.

Check out the Retro car dashboards Pinterest board.

Thanks @Ioanis for the links.

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