Goodbye 2013

Wow, another year has crept up on us! This was great year for HUDS+GUIS inspiration, we've seen some really amazing projects and it has been a particularly huge year personally. Just want to say a huge thanks to all our regular followers and those who have visited the site. This site is purely a labour of love and hopefully a way to help out the community if only in a small way. I hope you've found something on here that has inspired you or found useful.

Thanks to those who have reached out or emailed me, I have read every single email, but I'm really sorry that I don't have time to email everyone back (there's just not enough hours in a day!)

I wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday break! We will be taking a well needed break and will be back next year pumped for an exciting 2014!!!

Here's the end of year recap of the posts we did in 2013....
Displair – Interactive vapour screen
Justice – New Lands Retro UI
The future of firefighting – C Thru Smoke Helmet HUD
Gold Runner
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn opener – data spheres and holograms
Continuum – Sci Fi interfaces
Oblivion – Interface Design
Design of ‘The Avengers’ – Interface designs and HUDs
IRON MAN 3 : HUD + GFX Process reel
Multi Touch DJ Light Table by GERGWERK
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Interface Design
Dr Easy – machine vision
Watchdogs – Hacking UI
Europa Report – Space UI breakdown
Car Game Interfaces – Bumper UI
Splinter Cell Blacklist – Interface
Showcase 5 – Retro car dashboards
Star Trek Into Darkness – Touch interface & HUD
Continuum Season 2 – Visual Effects Reel
After Earth GFX Reel
Ender’s Game – UI Design
Hawken: Mech HUDs
Star Citizen – Developing the HUD

Also, recently Ash Thorp was kind enough to invite me to have a chat on 'The Collective Podcast' about HUDS+GUIS and about other stuff. You can check it out here... Collective Podcast chat with Ash Thorp

See you next year!

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