2NE1 Come Back Home music video

I've been wanting to explore more work coming from different places around the globe. Fortunately, I recently stumbled on this Korean music video by K-POP band 2NE1, which features holographic interfaces and a see-through touch screen.

The production quality of the clip itself is impressive and the execution of the UI effects is very tight. I absolutely love the shade of pink/purple that they've used and how it compliments the grading and colour palette of the clip.

For the design itself they've opted for thin lines and a combo of circle, triangle and diamond shapes. In terms of animation, I love the circuitry inspired flourishes, as the earpiece connects to the visor projectors. They've also done a great job of separating the graphics on layers, and have done a nice job animating elements back and forth in Z-space.

This has been a good start but I look forward to finding more work from Korea, and Asia and sharing more here.

Unfortunately, I couldn't track down the director and VFX company behind this work, so if anyone knows, flip me an email!

Check out Come Back Home by 2NE1