2014 Round up

It's time for the last post of the year!

Looking back on the year, it seems we've had a good mix of articles. We've explored work from Taiwan, Brazil and Korea, and hopefully we get to see more from other countries next year. We've checked out FUI and practical examples, retro and modern design, imaginary products and real products.

With each year we see this area of design mature and it's been a pleasure documenting this and watching it happen with you guys.

We've also had a long overdue update to the site. It's been a massive year for HUDS+GUIS and for me personally.

I've had a lot of great interactions and conversations with you guys. Massive thanks for visiting and supporting the site. Also thanks for everyone that emailed and contributed inspiration for this site, and those writing just to say hi.

Now it's time for a much needed break! Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you guys have an awesome holiday break!

See you in the new year! Wooohoo!

Here's a recap of the posts we did this year...

Rolls-Royce - The future of ship intelligence
Edge of Tomorrow - UI Design
Simian UI Montage
NeuroScouting by Spov
Continuum Season 3 - HUDs and GUIs
Guardians of the Galaxy UI Design - Territory Studio
Push 'Strength in Numbers' - Data Visualisation
Pacific Rim - Holographic UIs
Her - Invisible Technology
Shake You Body - Pepsi Taiwan
Alien: Isolation - Lo Fi Sci Fi
Captain America: The Winter Soldier UI
Deus Ex Human Revolution UI
Cisma: Criolo "Duas de Cinco"
2NE1 Come Back Home music video
Wearables - Android Wear & Nymi
GM ELMIRAJ Concept car UI
Ender's Game - UI Breakdown
Robocop (2014) - UI Design



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