Google Project Soli - Micro-movement gestural UI

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) are exploring ways to revolutionise the way we interact with devices. They have just released information about Project Soli, which uses a sensor that can track sub-millimetre motions in high speed, incredibly accurately.

With a lot of gesture-based interfaces, we’re used to seeing lots of wide sweeping movements, Project Soli on the other hand focuses its attention on tiny movements.

There are many ways a human hand can interact with objects, many ways to apply pressure, twist, flick etc. The human hand can be very precise and capable of exceptional finesse. Project Soli aims to capture this as a way to interact with technology.

The examples shown in the video are fantastic and makes it simple to understand the potential of these gesture controls. I love how natural it feels, and that many of the actions have a haptic feedback.

This is very promising project and big step towards making interfaces that work cohesively with inherent human behaviours.

Thanks to Allan MacKinnon for giving us the heads up on this one.