Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms UI

Here is the trailer and gameplay footage to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms. It's a game that focuses on advanced warfare and as such features some futuristic military HUDs and GUIS.

The trailer is created by Antibody and features some really polished and cinematic visuals, as you would expect. Antibody are consistently pushing out strikingly beautiful work. I really love the treatment of the title frames and the ambient glitches that surround them. There's a lot of nice animation details if you look closely.

The main UI elements come in the form of holographic visuals and minimal AR, and there's a distinct style to it. They use thin, precise lines with light bloom which make everything look like they're made from lasers. There's something about a red laser light that looks so striking. I absolutely love the map tracing sequence (0:43). I love how each marker has a line that extends upwards as though it's being projected by a laser from above, aesthetically this is very interesting. It's great also how these lines penetrate surfaces. I also really like how the markers link up when they're in close proximity to each other, something I noticed on the gameplay footage too. Antibody have done a great job to inject a sense of drama to this map scene, you can feel the tension between the red and blue even within this diagram view.

Gameplay footage

I was surprised to see that the gameplay footage included a lot of augmented visuals. It's interesting to see and experience how this actually impacts performance in the field. The environment scan as a feature is really cool, the way it's visualised is great too. I love how the wave of cyan sweeps through and rides the surface of the walls. That is my favourite feature but in the video you will also see ambient AR and some drone vision (4:28) too.

Check it out!