Star Wars UI

Here's a look at some of the UI designs from the various Star Wars films. Blind have shared some screens featured in the latest instalment Episode VII The Force Awakens. There's also a tumblr site dedicated to the UI from the original films and a supercut edit of all the UI from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Let's not forget the prequels, which have a different style altogether.

The UI from The Force Awakens is inspired by the original films so they have a similar aesthetic. The prequels however seem to have taken a different approach, as they have for the overall art direction. From the vehicles to the buildings, the costumes to the sets, George Lucas took a fresh approach to the franchise, which was his criticism of the new film. But I personally love the lo-fi aesthetic of The Force Awakens, both from a story continuity stand point and film aesthetic.

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens UI

I think it's safe to say The Force Awakens sits very comfortably within the world and art direction of the original three films. The UI design is evidence of this. The screens shared here by Blind feel like they could easily be slotted into the originals.

There's similarities in the linework and colour palettes, and even the typography and numerals are a nod to the original art direction. It also looks as though some of the screens are displayed in CRT monitors just like the originals, which give the screens a really wonderful finish.

The design team have done an excellent job extending this style to new screens and adding new levels of complexity and detail whilst staying true to the world. It feels believable and familiar.

User interfaces from the original Star Wars

The HUDs and GUIs in the original three Star Wars films are really interesting. The designs are reminiscent of the era, but they are designed particularly well and the production team were really pushing 3D computer graphics technology at the time.

Here's a tumblr site dedicated to the UI from the original films.

I've always been so intrigued by this particular interface. It appears to be physical yet animated. I really don't understand how it works but I swear I've seen it before in the 80s. If anyone knows of what this type of technology is called, please comment or email us!

Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope - Supercut of interfaces

Here's a supercut put together by UI/UX Designer Dino Ignacio, of all the interfaces featured in Star Wars: A New Hope.

UI from the Star Wars prequels

Here's a montage of the UI featured in the Star Wars prequels. These designs have a very different look and feel to the other films, and a lot of it has to do with the colour palette. It also uses a lot of irregular shapes and angles, which makes it feel alien but less mathematical as the other films do. The video does an excellent job highlighting the detail of the designs.