Insurgent UI

Here is a UI reel for the film Insurgent by motion graphics artist Duncan Elms, as well as some images from Lead designer Anna Fraser.

The design offers lots of flowing lines and shapes that make it look like a holographic circuit board. The shapes themselves resemble the grid format of a circuit board and the collections of dots also support this. Whether they meant it or not, it's what I find most appealing and interesting about the design.

The interface appears to be styled in a way, which allows the user to understand the information by gauging the overall movement of the indicators rather than reading direct data. It's the overall impression of the data that gives you an understanding of it's status, rather than it's specific details and values.

The design of the handheld device is interesting too. I like that it's a physical tool rather than being completely digital. The claws are very ominous and surgical looking, making it feel intrusive and invasive. It think it's more memorable this way.

Worth checking out!


Visual Effects by: Animal Logic VFX
Visual Effects Supervisors: Paul Butterworth, Kirsty Millar
Visual Effects Producer: Jason Bath
CG Supervisor: Matt Estela
Lead Designer: Anna Fraser
Motion Graphics Artists: Duncan Elms, Sam Scopelliti, Sam Hoh
CG Artists: Elias Atto, Aevar Bjarnason, Patricio Alejandro Ducaud, Damien Lam, Timothy Major, Tamas Molnar, Jonathan Ravagnani, Mike Thomson
Compositing Lead: Alex Fry
Visual Effects Coordinators: Ilona Blyth, Tu Nhi Lam