Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice - UI Design

Here's a look at the recent UI work on Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, by Perception and G Creative. Quite a lot of design work was required for the film, which included UIs for Batman and Lex Luther, Wonder Woman's laptop, drone POVs, show packages and a few other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

Batman UI

The design of the Batman OS feels like a stylised military UI, whereby it's quite technical and detail heavy, but also very polished. The colour choices reflect his brooding personality, and contrasts nicely in his dark surroundings.

Lex Luther UI

This operating systems feels way more corporate and is purposely designed as a polar opposite to Batman's UI. It's what you'd expect from a regular consumer based OS, but with indulgences like texture and drop shadows. It's as if the design was specifically created to fit Lex Luther's personal preferences. It definitely has personality and isn't afraid to show it. A lot of operating systems lean towards minimalism, it's a safe choice as there's less to hate. Lex Luther's OS on the other hand, doesn't feel like it cares whether you hate it or not, as long as Lex likes it.

Concept designs by G Creative

Here's some initial concept work from G Creative, it's interesting to compare these with what eventuated on screen.

Make sure to check out the triangular rocket launcher scope and the drone HUDs, they were amongst my favourite designs of the set. Awesome work by the Perception and G Creative teams!