Introducing our first book on FUI

I'm extremely excited to announce that our very first book has been released! It's titled FUI: How to Design User Interfaces for Film and Games.

This project started after receiving countless emails from you guys wanting to learn about how to launch a career in FUI, what software to use and how to get a job in FUI. Personally replying to everyone just took too long and even though I was determined to reply to every single person, it was often delayed. So I needed a more efficient way to help people with questions.

So I decided to create a book, and pose these questions to some of the most experienced artists in the industry and let them share some of their most valuable insights. As you'll see we've gathered together an incredible powerhouse of artists!

I have absolutely loved putting this book together for you (even during the sleepless nights) and I sincerely hope that it will help you in some way.

It is currently available in print and will be available as a digital download shortly!

So go check it out, and make sure you let us know what you think!!! Hope you like it :)

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