Microsoft Surface HUB 2

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is an interactive smart whiteboard, which acts basically like a large format touch screen. It looks great for group conference video calls, screen sharing and collaborative multi-user interactions.

The ability to tile together multiple screens is fantastic, particularly with its thin screen bezel. It’s quite exciting to see products that would have seemed quite futuristic twenty years ago, be so readily available for everyday consumers.

We are living in such an interesting time where technology is constantly being intertwined with everyday scenarios. So it’s good to keep track of where it’s going and where to push it.


The collaborative whiteboard space is an idea that has floated around many of Microsoft’s Future Vision videos (see Microsoft Future Vision 2009, 2011 & 2015). By looking back at these videos, you can see a gradual refinement of the idea and it’s really amazing to see it eventuate into a real consumer product a few years later. It’s a good case for companies and businesses to invest in ‘Future Vision’ projects and R&D in general.


The Surface Hub 2 launches in 2019 with two other offerings Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X subsequently after.


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