American Assassin by Territory Studios

Territory Studio have shared this awesome UI reel, a gallery of images and behind the scenes photos showcasing their recent work on the film American Assassin.

The work is very refined and consistent with the quality of work we've come to expect from Territory.

It's a huge amount of work, put together neatly to form a consistent and cohesive set of screens. The work is both beautiful and absolutely believable.

Congrats to the folks at Territory Studio for pulling off another flawless project.

Image gallery

Behind the scenes

Project details

Number of +175 screens animations / 30 VFX assets delivered:

CIA Anteroom / control room / war room
CIA Rome safehouse
Blackhawk Helicopter
Navy Destroyers
Bomb counter
Exterior locations – street, in car

Key screens
Supporting story beats:

  • mapping 6th fleet activity
  • tracking a powerboat on the coast of Italy
  • mapping  possible nuclear blast radius 
  • Thermal imaging camera of the powerboat and the people/weapon on board 
  • Opening sequence: Mitch’s Laptop – bespoke interactive animation for a web chat

Screen types
Wall screens, workstation screens / monitors, laptops, mobiles, HUDs for helicopter, destroyer bridge, etc.

Director: Michael Cuesta
Production Designer: Andrew Laws
Set Decorator: Naomi Moore
Executive VFX Producer: Tim Field
VFX Supervisor: Richard Reed
VFX supervisor: Paul Norris

Read more at Territory Studio's American Assassin page.