NIKE Jumpman - D3

Nike's latest campaign for Michael Jordan's Jumpman 23 brand features Dwyane Wade as secret agent D3 in a series of short commercials. As with most secret agents, D3 comes with a suite of high tech gadgets, sky diving, car chases and lasers.

The UI highlights would definitely be D3's visor HUD and his sidekick's tablet. If you have a close look at the design elements and the animations, they are actually quite refined. From what I can tell Jake Sargeant, one of the members of the Tron Legacy team, may have had a hand in this one. Definitely a good design reference.

Watch D3 - The Start
Watch D3 - The Escape
Watch D3 - Gadget
Watch D3 - Quickness
Watch D3 - Explosive
Watch D3 - Website clip