Repo Men - UI Design

After seeing the trailer for Repo Men, I was hoping to see an exciting sci-fi movie about the future like Minority Report, but it turned out to be a fair bit different to my expectations. I was also expecting to see lots of UI but there wasn't really many besides the hand held scanners and the airport tablets. But it was still good to see how they approached the design of those devices.

The design of the scanners look quite simple, but it's neat, the animations make sense and the sound it makes is quite cool. I actually liked that it wasn't overly complicated and I liked the kind of old-school, LED, worn look of it as well. These are not designed for desk jockeys or technicians, these are designed for rough, violent brutes on the run.

Worth having a look at, especially if you're researching to design for scanning and detection type devices. So here it is, short and sweet.

Check out the Repo Men clip