UI Design - Ghost in the shell 2

Ghost in the Shell 2 is the first anime film we've featured, but will most likely not be the last. In terms of HUDs and GUIs, anime is an excellent source for two reasons. Firstly, because they often explore themes about the future and secondly because along with industrial/vehicle design, the interface designs tend to continually push the boundaries both visually and conceptually.

Ghost in the Shell 2 is about androids and cyborgs. The world that it exists in sees humans implanted with technology and as such interfacing with UI occurs inherently, and through the mind.

In this post you'll see scanning sequences, in-vehicle UI, holographic diagrams, as well as examples of humans interacting with computers non-physically.

Visually the style of the UI is consistently bright orange on black, with some great shapes and tight animation. The highlight for me was seeing how the main character Batou scans his surroundings and the way the image bulges to magnify.

The coolest thing about this movie are the ideas within it. Concepts like the ability to hack people's minds and the idea of needing to reformat a body part is what makes this movie so interesting. That's one of the reasons why I like watching these movies. It's similar to reading science fiction novels, you often find great conceptual ideas that really push the limits, and is such a great source for inspiration.