Metroid - Interface Design

Metroid is a game that's been around for a long time. It started out as a 2D platform shooter but as the series moved onto the Wii, the game changed dramatically and put the players behind the visor of the main character (Samus) and allowed them to play the game from a first-person view.

This presented an exciting opportunity for the concept artists and designers to explore what the world looks like from the perspective of Samus. The result is a series of interesting visor HUDs that differ depending on which suit is worn, and vary slightly in each sequel.

What's great is that the Metroid series is set in space, so the designs are original and experiments with unusual shapes. There's quite a few variants of the visor but they all fit nicely together in a uniform design style.

I love visor HUDs and Metroid has a great selection of references to inspire you.

The clips featured are from the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and the latest installment Metroid: Other M.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Watch the Metroid Trilogy trailer
Check out the Gameplay trailer
Check out the Corruption Demo

Metroid: Other M Watch the Other M Demo
Check out the Gameplay trailer
Check out the Other M trailer

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