Plurality - a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Plurality is a Sci-Fi short by director Dennis Liu, which explores a world where everyone's DNA is plugged into a single information grid set in New York City 2023.

Not only is the story easy to watch and compelling, it features a lot of nice UI goodies. The production quality of this film is quite high and the design of the UI elements are nicely done. If you like Minority Report or a fan of Sci-Fi then I highly recommend you check it out!

It's so cool to see what can be achieved in small budget short films these days! Congratulations team, hope to see more!

PS. Thanks Cody for sending that through!

Watch Plurality by Dennis Liu

Directed By: Dennis Liu
Written By: Ryan Condal
Produced by: Jonathan Hsu, Dennis Liu
Starring: Jeff Nissani, Samantha Strelitz, John Di Domenico
Cinematography by: Jon Chen
Music by: Pakk Hui