Goodbye 2012

Wow, another year has past already! Again I was wanting to sneak in one more post before Christmas but it snuck up quicker than expected. What a huge year it's been, we're looking forward to a well earned break over the holiday season and will be back with some exciting new posts for 2013! Hopefully we'll see some updates and improvements to the site too!

Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing holiday break! Massive thanks everyone for your support throughout the year, this site wouldn't exist without your encouragement! Special thanks also to all those who got in contact, contributed work or submitted news!

Here's a recap of the posts we did this year....
UI Design in Sunshine
Instrument UX Reel
Glass in the future – Corning’s Future Vision part 2
Archetype – Robot HUDs and GUIs
Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Screen Design
Holographic UI – Swedish House Mafia & Absolute (Greyhound)
Mission Impossible 4 – UI Design
The Matrix Reloaded – UI Design
ZeroN – Levitated Interaction Element
Shilo: Zazzle spot
First Data Bank – Data visualisation by Stardust
T(ether) – AR Interface from MIT
Vanquish – Interface Design
Showcase 3 – Fabricated Interfaces
Total Recall – UI Design
Dead Space 2 – Diegetic Interface Design
Samsung – Flexible display
Surviving The Future – Data visualisation by Tendril
SoundForms – Collaborative music interface
007 Skyfall UI – Sony Mouse & Cat spot
Showcase 4 – Sports HUDs
Battleship UI by Prologue
METS Amazin’ – Futuristic Baseball UI
Plurality – a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Merry Christmas!

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