Justice - New Lands Retro UI

I was hesitant about posting this one, but I'm just a sucker for retro interfaces or anything that makes me nostalgic. This clip for electronic music duo Justice, certainly does that from a visual sense. The whole clip looks like a 70s or 80s sci-fi film, full of gadgets, action and a bit of cheese. I have to say the film quality is really cool, and the colours are fantastic.

In terms of HUDs and GUIs, the highlight for me is the arcade tabletop, which looks like something I would have marveled over as a kid. It reminds me of the age of Atari and the occasional attempts at holographic games during that time.

If you want to see a more modern take on HUDs in sports, check out our previous post on METS Amazin' - Futuristic Baseball UI.

PS. Sorry that the clip has a really long credits roll at the end :(

Watch Justice's New Lands music video by Canada.