The future of firefighting - C Thru Smoke Helmet HUD

The C Thru Smoke Helmet is the regular fire fighters helmet re-imagined by Swedish designer Omer Haciomeroglu. I'm very excited to see a Heads-up Display applied to a practical, everyday situation.

The helmet basically solves numerous obstacles that often arises in a fire rescue such as low to almost no visibility in highly dense smoke, the need to keep contact with walls to navigate, or the need to carry and constantly check thermal imaging equipment, all in the one device.

The main features of the helmet include the imaging of the surrounding environment via an optic-thermal camera and overlaid as an augmented vision through projectors on the visor, communication between team members and selective noise cancelling.

The helmet improves the rescue effort in so many ways. Not only does the helmet free up the fire fighter's hands and lighten the weight of heavy equipment but also speeds up the rescue process and allows them to run instead of crawl. Other benefits of using this technology include the ability to relay vital information to all team members simultaneously and also the collection of data for assessment and future improvements. What's more, it shaves seconds off the preparation time, which is vital in responding to emergencies.

This is a really cool initiative. Head over to Omer's Behance page to see a more in depth break down!

Read more on Omer's Behance page.