Ender's Game - UI Design

The incredibly talented Ash Thorp has updated his site with some of his recent UI work on Enders Game. There, you will find a large collection of various stills from the film and from development. It is an excellent opportunity to analyse and appreciate the detail that went across a variety of different applications.

When looking at the designs, they are all very organised and structured, and looks as though all elements are anchored to a grid. This, along with the spacing and arrangement gives a very neat overall look, and with a lot of even angles and shapes, it feels almost mathematical.

I also recently stumbled across a really cool interview with Ash over at ART of VFX, which you can check out here. One of the most interesting points from the interview was the question about his biggest challenge on the project, in which the response was "staying in love with it". Not in the negative sense, but more from the challenge of continuing momentum and maintaining emotional investment for over a year. I'm sure most designers can identify with this, I certainly can and it really resonated with me since I had never heard it articulated like that before. Great designs often come when the designer gets into a sort of flow, strengthened by enthusiasm and a momentum of energy. It was quite unexpected to hear that that was the biggest challenge on the project. He must have figured out a way to tap back into it and stay connected to the project, as the outcome is immaculate.

Can't wait to see the UI in action!

Check out Ash's UI work on Ender's Game
Check out his ART of VFX interview