Ender's Game - UI Breakdown

The super talented Jayse Hansen has just uploaded breakdowns of the UI from Ender's Game! He's included insightful descriptions of different parts of the project and has also included animated sequences to geek out on.

This project is an example of great UI design complimented with great animation. I'm really glad that Jayse has isolated the animation sequences so you can fully appreciate what motion can give to a design. It's an amazing result when both the design and the animation have been fully considered. It's cool that he's even included the hand over notes for the animation guides, which kept the UI consistent across the wider team.

I really love the animation of the Mess Hall scoreboards, the way they reveal on is so fluid and smooth. The text animation sequences are great too. But one of my favourite visuals must be the Command PitchLadder/HUD concept! It's beautiful and mesmerising! The line work is so elegant and I love the different size dots that line up to form an 'X'. I don't know why but the combination of the design and the smooth easing is so appealing to me!

Ok, I'll stop talking now, go check out the full breakdown page here.

CreditsAsh Thorp Lead Graphics Designer Jayse Hansen Lead Motion Graphics Artist Ryan Cashman Motion Graphics Concept Animator Navarro Parker Motion Graphics Animator Alasdair Willson Motion Graphics Animator/Reel Title Animation Paul Beaudry/G-creative Lead Motion Graphics Artist Franck Deron Reel Edit Matthew E Butler Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Gladys Tong G-Creative Supervisor

Check out the Ender's Game - UI Breakdown page

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