GM ELMIRAJ Concept car UI

It's really cool to see car companies experimenting with ways to incorporate current technologies into a car's dashboard and interface.

I've come across concepts involving touch screens, smart phone integration, voice activation and even HUDs. However, at this point I have yet to see something totally groundbreaking released into the market.

Here's a cool example of a concept UI for the Cadillac Elmiraj by Autofuss. In it you see a digital dashboard and some experiments with overlaying graphics over the road itself.

I've mentioned before how difficult it must be to design for automotive and aviation applications. It'd be fair to assume that you could just reference racing car games but in reality it's not that easy. There's so much at stake if something goes wrong, and everything from the size of text or shade of colour can make a difference. I heard once that even changing the colour of a button on a bank's website could potentially cost them millions. In this case it's injury or loss of life.

Anyhow this is a great start, I'd love to see more of these types of projects, and it's really promising to see that they're happening.

Check it out!

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