Alien: Isolation - Lo Fi Sci Fi

Alien: Isolation is an upcoming game based on the Alien franchise. This clip shows the development team talk about their unique approach to the game UI and art direction, which in turn influenced the game design itself.

This approach comes from their desire to stay true to the original film Alien from 1979 and for the game to exist in that very same world. I personally love the so called Lo Fi Sci Fi look of the original film, I think there's something so special about it. There's so much character behind every object and every interface. Maybe it's because there's so much nostalgia and history behind that era that makes the look so memorable. Perhaps in twenty years time, interfaces that we consider 'futuristic' will have the same resonance.

There's a few key points that I took away from the clip besides the whole approach itself which is so inspiring. Firstly, I love the quote by Art lead Jude Bond, who says: "In order to stay faithful to the source we set ourselves a rule that we wouldn't build anything that couldn't have been built on the original set in 1979. Everything in our game conforms to this retro future aesthetic." It's so great that they had this rule to live by in order to help the team maintain a unified vision. Secondly, I loved the process of achieving this Lo Fi, retro look, by using VHS' and destroying equipment to create artefacts. Sounds like so much fun!

This game looks fantastic, check it out for yourselves!

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