Shake Your Body - Pepsi Taiwan

Here's a clip from Taiwan, it's music video called 'Shake your body' for Pepsi. In an attempt to describe it, it's kind of like Asian popstars meets Tron stadium meets Dance Central meets Pacifim Rim meets the World Cup. It's all a bit of fun and Taipei based production company Grass Jelly did an amazing job on the VFX.

The main dance interface sequence is fantastic and there's also some great shots of the control room displays and surrounding platform graphics a la Tron Legacy.

I really enjoyed seeing the players use dances moves to trigger the UI. The circular hit points are really nice, especially when they're in weird angles. It was particularly nice seeing the green guy doing a flip then a windmill and swiping all those points like a combo. It felt like a legitimate game.

The colours are nice and vibrant too, which suits the theme well. It was a nice touch to utilise the glossy floor too, which again made it feel more legitimate. All in all I think the clip has been executed really well, and I really loved seeing the dance UI being used creatively.

Make sure you check out the project page on Grass Jelly's site and also the GFX montage by FUI designer Yoshiki Lai!

Watch 'Shake Your Body'Check out the breakdown page by Grass Jelly
Check out the GFX montage by Yoshiki Lai