Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

As the name suggests, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare features lots of technologically advanced military gadgets and weapons. As a result we are treated to a variety of HUDs and GUIs!

The following clips are game cinematics produced by London based studio Spov (see previous post Neuroscouting). Overall, there's a really strong cohesive style. There's some really strong consistent elements that hold these clips together. The line work is very neat, there's lots of grids and rectangular shapes but they've managed to do this without the layout becoming too 'boxy'. The typography and colour palette is also really nice. I'm especially drawn to the strong contrast of the green-yellow highlights against the blue lit background.

Throughout the videos, there's a feeling of complex data being presented in a simplified form. This has been achieved with a minimised colour palette with accent colours. The animation also does a great job of leading the eye and adding meaning. There's a good balance between making the story points easy to understand and creating a sense that they are legitimate military briefing screens.

On top of this, they've even managed to make it look visually attractive. The 'Crash' video is great example of this. I love the way they've demonstrated the strategic attack point in Rio Gallegos, how all the lines branch out to the different targets and how the target name tags appear just after the radial pulses. They've made something that's potentially quiet bleak into a beautiful infographic.

I also really like the very clean drone HUD seen at the end of the Lagos clip, especially the subtle tracking dots, and thin light lines. There's a lot of nice subtle animation in there but not too much that it becomes cumbersome. Awesome work by the team at Spov!



San Francisco

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