Halo: Nightfall UI

Halo Nightfall is a live-action feature-length film (split into a 5 part series) that features lots of stunning visual effects by Nvizible (Edge of Tomorrow). Here is a montage of some of the HUDs and GUIs shots from the series.

The reel features closeups of wearable displays, screen designs. and HUDs.

The illumination of the forearm display on the body armour is really cool. The cockpit display is equally nice, I particularly like the really saturated colour palette.

But I was immediately drawn to the helmet HUD designs. They are so uniquely designed and visually striking. It's really nice how the HUD animates on, it feels so light and thin, and reminds me a bit of the slide out animation from the GI Joe HUD.

I love seeing the helmet HUD from the outside and seeing those thin luminescent lines almost framing the contours of the face. I also love that the helmet features so much glass, and gives the HUD so much breathing room. More close up shots can be seen over at Christopher Abbas' site.

Really beautiful stuff! Check it out!

Check out Nvizible's Halo: Nightfall page
Watch the Halo: Nightfall UI/HUD reel by David Bauer
Check out the concept designs on Christopher Abbas' site.

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