The Prototype Trailer - Machine vision HUD

Here is the trailer for The Prototype, directed by Andrew WIll, launched in 2013. It features a humanoid robot and it includes several clips of it's machine vision HUD.

The HUD design is filled with elements and various bits and pieces to make up a reasonably complex design. It's interesting to see that 2 years after this trailer was released, we've seen a trend towards more minimalist interfaces (see Oblivion, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare).

I like those extra bits of ambient detail, it makes the design feel slightly foreign and as though there's a lot of calculations going on. It also works well for the fact that the robot is supposed to be a prototype. Perhaps the final version would feature a more minimalist HUD?

The eyes of the robot are quite cool, I like how they light up and adjust like a camera lens, and when you're taken into it's POV, it marries up neatly. The designers have also done a good job making the interface easily readable, you can tell quite quickly what the robot is doing.

The grading is quite nice too, it's good to see a bit of green in there as opposed to the oppressive red seen in the Terminator machine vision. The bloom effect on some of the elements is also a nice touch.

Overall it's a really nicely designed HUD with lots of personality.

Check it out!

Watch the The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer