Black Panther FUI

Here’s a look at the FUI from Black Panther by our friends at Perception. This is quite a unique project as the UI concepts had to fit within some tight parameters. Black Panther takes place in Wakanda, a hidden location free from outside influence yet boasts the world’s most advanced technology and the only source of the rare material Vibranium. So what does this Wakandan civilisation look like? What does the technology look like? Are the concepts of user experience drastically different from the rest of the world?

Perception’s take on this challenge is an interesting one. They brought to life the concept of ‘Vibranium Sand’ which was inspired by real world research of acoustic levitation and cymatics, where vibration is used for spacial manipulation of particles. The properties of Vibranium Sand is then used to conceptualise and drive many of the interfaces we see in the film.

Within the Marvel Universe, Vibranium is known to absorb vibrations, and is what allows Captain America’s shield to absorb large amounts of energy, so this concept of using vibrations to drive interface displays and interactions ties in very nicely with the lore. It also adds to the very distinct style of the Wakandan culture, which is an interesting marriage of old world tribalism and future tech.

I’ve always been a big fan of projects that have an overarching concept which drives subsequent interfaces. It creates a philosophy or sound board in which to measure concepts off, and creates cohesion and consistency.

You can see some examples of how Vibranium Sand is used in the scrolling navigation table aboard the Royal Talon (Black Panther’s ship), the hand held holographic displays used to communicate and my favourite, the virtual car scene.

Check it out below!

For a more in-depth look at the concepts behind Black Panther head over to Perception’s breakdown page.

VFX Reel by Trixter Film

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