2018 Recap

It’s the final post of the year! Again, there’s been so much work to share that we couldn’t fit it all in, so we’ll be posting it early next year.

We’ve covered some amazing work from games, ads and consumer products but it was really a big year for FUI in film. There’s been a decent amount of Sci Fi films (which is great!) and lots of superhero films this year, a lot of which feature FUI.

I have a few predictions about what we might see in 2019, possibly an uptake in new ‘futuristic’ consumer products, and we may start seeing a few more established VR projects exploring the possibilities of UI/FUI. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

For now, we’re going to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and take a short break to come back refreshed for an amazing 2019!

Thanks to all the contributors this year and for everyone’s loving support through buying the FUI book, donations and personal messages. I am really touched and humbled by the support that you’ve given to HUDS+GUIS. To all the creators and designers out there working in FUI, I hope you had a great year and have an even better one in 2019! I look forward to seeing and sharing your work!

Have a fun break! :)

Jono Yuen

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