Pacific Rim Uprising

Territory Studio (Blade Runner 2049Avengers Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, American Assassin) have just released their UI work from the movie Pacific Rim Uprising. Most of the work is focused on the UI that drives the Jaegers (giant robots used to fight giant monsters). Just like the first film Pacific Rim (2013) the Jaegers are controlled by pilots that interact with holographic UIs.

What I've always liked about the Jaeger UI's in Pacific Rim is how each one has it's own unique look. They usually reflect their country of origin and the people who made them through the colour palette, the shape language and the arrangement of the controls in relation to the pilots. You can see an extreme version of this in the first film Pacific Rim (2013)

The main difference between the first film and this sequel is how the controls are arranged. There seems to be much more breathing room around the pilots, perhaps to show more of the actors or allow for more dynamic fighting actions. The UI in the first film seemed to obscure the pilots quite a bit, whereas this latest film makes the UI a little less prominent. Perhaps this is an indication of how FUI is perceived these days. Films are slowly moving away from incorporating FUI purely for eye-candy or to make a scene feel 'hi-tech'. Audiences have become more familiar with FUI in films and it is now much better regarded as a film making device to compliment or drive a story forward.

This is a well executed project and the gang at Territory Studio have been nice enough to share some breakdown videos and behind the scene shots for you guys, to see how these holographic UIs are created. Check them out below!

More on their official page here.

Territory Studio Breakdown video (1/2)

Territory Studio Breakdown video (2/2)

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