Spiderman Homecoming - FUI Design

Here’s a look at the FUI from Spiderman Homecoming by the team at Cantina Creative (Furious 7, The Hunger Games Mocking Jay). Most of the work is related to Peter Parker's new Spiderman suit that was created by Tony Stark. There's a nice connection to the style and design treatment of the Iron Man interface (Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3) and Stark technology.

It was quite fun seeing Peter Parker discover the new Spiderman suit interface for the first time. You could relate to his feeling of being overwhelmed when first being introduced to it. It felt complex, and not intuitive, which helped emphasise the notion that he was in over his head. In that respect, the the UI design complimented the story very well.

What I really loved about the design is the animation. Just have a look at the animated GIFs below. Everything transitions so smoothly and there is a nice order and sequencing throughout. The animation leads the eye around the screen and is enhanced with the occasional splashes of red.

The team at Cantina have done a great job with the Spiderman HUD and I really enjoyed the movie too :) Definitely worth checking out!


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