Florida Hospital Future Vision

Here is another campaign by the teams at LOOP and Aggressive (Boeing 100, New Balance) for Florida Hospital, which relies on FUI to explore the future of healthcare. The spots imagine different scenarios that have been made better by technology.

Here we have a UI Reel by LOOP and below we have two of the spots as well as an image gallery and some behind the scenes images.

The reel shows the working components in great detail, showing the design, transitions and animation loops. There's a really nice rhythm to the various elements and the overall effect is a feeling of busyness but in a calm manner. It kind of feels like a visual representation of how a computer works and processes information.

The design style is clean and relatively pared back, almost like flat design and as such feels like an interface you would see today. You can imagine it being implemented in the not so distant future, and makes these scenarios feel more tangible.

The UI is also integrated into the live footage really well. There's some great visuals here and the UI Reel highlights each individual element nicely. Definitely worth checking out!

"Someday Starts Today" spot

"Someday Starts Today - Women's Health" spot

Image gallery

Behind the scenes images