Cyberpunk 2077

Here’s some interfaces from the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 by CD PROJEKT RED. Set in a gritty future city, the game is littered with digital screens, heads-up displays and various augmentations.

Digital screens


Heads-up displays

The HUDs are predominantly text based in the trailer clips below and they’ve gone for an off red, low-fi look which gives off a slight Terminator vibe.


Car dash

The car dash interfaces also take on a retro feel but with a slightly more modern twist. This look comes from the thick square fonts and the circuitry-like shapes that were popular in the 80s (see our Retro Car Dashboards page). I really love this retro future look and makes me nostalgic for films like Blade Runner.


Mission briefing

The mission briefing takes the player through a scenario presented as a snapshot of a 3D environment. The camera focuses and zooms into points of interest through a semi-transparent mockup. The look is like a point cloud and reminds me of the volumetric displays in Ghost in the Shell (2017).

Upgrade menu

The upgrade menu is all monochromatic. Using a slightly beige/eggshell colour rather than pure black and white subtly adds to the game’s retro feel. The layout is very functional and devoid of superfluous details and embellishments. This gives off the impression that the software is either in beta form or not for the general public. All these little details and the art direction of the UI helps support the surrounding story.

Internal network view

This is a visualisation of an internal network that the user is able to hack into and access a series of functions such as disabling systems and hacking enemies. The animation of the data processing procedures are quite nice and it’s interesting to see how they’ve visualised the network as a series of connecting blocks.

There’s a lot to look, at even from the short snippets of the game that has been released. I look forward to seeing more as it develops!

There’s also a host of jobs available to be part of this game on CD PROJEKT RED’s site, including UI Designer. Check out the full list here.