Avengers: Endgame

Cantina Creative (Spiderman - Homecoming, The Avengers) have just released a reel showcasing their work on Avengers Endgame and what a beautiful reel it is! It does such an amazing job of illustrating the different components that went into each shot.

I love how they’ve isolated the UI elements and then blended them into the final shot, it’s absolutely stunning! The reel showcases so many different types of interfaces too, from wearable devices and HUDs, to scanners, conferencing screens and interactive holograms.

It’s hard to pick my favourite UI but I absolutely love the Q-Ship hologram (shot feat. Gamora and Nebula) that appears as an open column of light projecting imagery of space. The detailed projection of the planets on the briefing table at Avengers HQ is pretty neat too. I also really like the Hulkbuster HUD and how much bigger it feels than the original Iron Man HUDs.

Q-ship hologram / Avengers HQ / Hulkbuster HUD

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Fun movie with some really beautiful FUI. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Visit Cantina Creative’s page for credits.