Goodbye 2017!

It’s time for our final post for the year! There had been so much great FUI work this year that we weren’t able to post all of it so we’ll have to post it first thing next year!

2017 was a big year for consumer products. Technology has become cheaper and developments have been advancing at a blinding speed. People are getting exposed to all sorts of interfaces and we’re getting much more comfortable adapting to new technology. Our homes are getting smarter and we’re wearing more gadgets than ever. VR’s been big but not quite there yet. AR’s back with a vengeance thanks to Apple’s recent update. Next year is going to be really interesting!

In terms of UI design, there’s been a lot more experimenting with interfaces that are pushing what we’re already comfortable with. With FUI, this year has seen a lot more focus on authenticity and well researched foundations. Since we are all so exposed to UI, it's much easier to notice when something doesn't feel right.

2017 has been a memorable year for HUDS+GUIS with the launch of our first book! It was never a goal of ours, and only came about because you guys requested it! We’re so proud to have gotten it made. Thank you for your contributions and thank you for all the wonderful feedback! This has encouraged us to create other intiatives to help connect FUI artists with the right projects, and continue to support up and coming designers.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday break!

Thanks again for supporting us throughout the years!

Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Jono Yuen

Here's the recap of the posts from 2017, starting with the last post.

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