PFX - The Table

I'm a big fan of personal projects. To be more specific, I love when people take the initiative to create a project for themselves rather than wait for the perfect project to fall into their lap. Here is an example of one such project by Jan Gryc for the post-production/VFX company PFX who he works for.

The project was created during some downtime between projects as a way to showcase their FUI design capabilities, which their reel was missing.

'The Table' was inspired by films like Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow and Prometheus, and features many different types of UI modules.

The project was created entirely in After Effects, except for the 3D model of the table and room. Element 3D was used to composite everything together.

It's beautifully presented and even though it runs for less than a minute, it instantly demonstrates to potential clients the level of FUI design they are capable of.

Great job by Jan and the folks over at PFX, I hope this attracts some cool FUI projects for you!

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